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Superbike Racing


Motorcycle shop in Brindisi

Our experience and our knowledges at the service of the bikers. Ability and competences are our points of strength. We are specialized in the selling and in the reparation of scooters and motorcycles, of all labels and models.

Selling and assistance
We are specialized in the selling of scooters and motorcycles of the best brands. We also deal with used vehicles, carefully selected, checked and revised for guaranteeing a safe second hand. In our shop work only specialized mechanics that are able to resolve any type of reparation, finding some definitive solutions for every irregularity or damage of the motorcycles.


Our philosophy
We always suggest services and products of quality, to competitive prices, trying to give to everybody the possibility to cultivate the passion for the two wheels. We deal with the amateurs and the lover ones that want to come closer to this world, but also to the professionals that can find here at Superbike Racing in Brindisi the answer to every type of question.

Our mission
The key of our success is the great professionalism of our whole team, the elevated quality of our services and products and the desire to share and spread the concept of liberty that is always tied up to the two wheels. Our goal is to take care of your motorcycle or of your scooter. For this, we have thought that it was useful to equip our center with a comfortable parking area for the washing of the vehicles.


Our company
Superbike Racing is a cooperative of two partners: Paul Piergianni and Valerio Di Nunzio, joined by the passion for the motorcycles and from the twenty-year experience in the sector of the motors. They personally deal with the sale and the assistance to the vehicles and they are heading the team of pilots Superbike Racing.